How To Stop Being Needy in a Relationship – Why Won’t He Text Back


Have you ever found yourself “chasing” a guy or feeling like you have to constantly confront him on why he’s not pursuing you anymore? I totally get it. Today’s dating gurus would probably define your behavior as “needy” (meaning you feel like you need the guy to be happy), and his as “uninterested”– and that needy behavior makes him even more uninterested. Which sucks. 🙁

Relationships can be tough sometimes, but they can also help us learn more about ourselves.

If you’re curious about how to truly stop being needy in relationships, then watch this video. I’m sharing the method I used to stop being needy–which wasn’t “playing hard to get”, but truly getting to the root of the issue…me.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

What’s something “needy” you’ve done in a relationship? Share in the comments below.

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